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Pur Enlightenment is committed to excellence not only in the workplace but also in the community. It is our responsibility to provide leadership and give back to the community as much as we possibly can. In recent years, Pur Enlightenment has led or participated in many successful events from trade shows, open houses, seminars, sponsorships to community fairs, sports events, and educational activities.  We are excited to list the following events Pur Enlightenment will be participating in over the upcoming year of 2013

The Enlightenment Party

Developed to assist and integrate
subtle energies around
This group uses
the singing bowl, grounding
and protective techniques
gifted speakers, supportive interaction
and open communications.
These techniques are used to bring
YOU and your BODY

Healing Group
 with the use of the singing bowl
and healing stones
Tuesday Evenings @7 pm
Every other Wednesday
Click here for our Brochure on
The Healing Circle

Multi Dimensional Healing
This Healing Modality has
evolved from the
Healing Circle
As YOU transform ,
other aspects come into play.
Angels, loved ones, new vibrations, new awareness, sight and hearing become sensitive to the presence of others, manifestations present themselves, intention is more focused
Enlightenment Happens Naturally


Medium: Barbara Jayne
Trance Channels
A group of 7 Light Beings called

 Photo: Bring empowerment by being YOU!

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A Happening Place

Soul Choices

The Movies
Happiness: Inspiration for Children

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for products and information


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 Our Group is OPEN to anyone wanting to share and explore their options,
questions and interests

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Please come and visit Barbara Jayne,
 introducing her book
Twilight of a New Day: A Catastrophic Event
Please visit:

 Barbara Jayne,
 introduces her book
 Trajectory: Your Journey
in E-book format for your convenience

 One Thousand Trees Magazine
by Lisa Browning
Please visit
to view Barbara’s addition
to this wonderful magazine
Don’t stop there, with the
many other stories, information
and incredible insights.
Do read on..
Thank you Lisa, for the opportunity.

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